Have your event catered by us or pick-up your packed picnic meal at the our cafe.


Citrus Marinated or Remoulode Soaked Shrimp

Biscuits with Country Ham Jam 

Smoked Salmon Spread 

Chips with Fresh Black-eye Salsa 

Chipotle Layer Dip

Beer Cheese Platter with crackers 

Hand Sliced Potato Chips with Blue Cheese Spread 

Butter Bean Hummus

Cheesus Kriste Dip



Pulled Pork BBQ 

Pale Ale Braised BBQ Ribs

Smoked Chicken Taco Bar 

Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket  

Grilled Chicken Kebabs  

Grilled Chicken Wings with Honey Hot Sauce

Chili with beer and cheese corn bread, hot sauce, onions, and sour cream  



Salads and Sides 

Tabasco Cole Slaw   

Dill Roasted Potato Salad  

Basil & Feta Pasta Salad  

Fruit Salad  

BLT Pasta Salad  

Bacon & Cheddar Squash Pudding  

Macaroni & Cheese